Driving excitement


Since 1959, Groupe Park Avenue has never ceased to innovate, thriving to offer an exceptional shopping, purchasing and after-sale experience in the automotive industry.

Station Service by Park Avenue joins the Groupe Park Avenue family. A boutique like no other, Station Service provides a new way to shop and discover vehicles.

Station Service

Station Service is an automotive boutique that belongs to Groupe Park Avenue. It has been created and opened in 2017. Located in the Quartier DIX30 in Brossard, Station Service is an ephemeral boutique that allows its visitor to fill the tank with new ideas, discoveries and…test drives.

Indeed, at Station Service by Park Avenue, the ephemeral state is manifested through the rotation of automotive brands that are featured every two weeks. According to the make under the spotlight, Station Service not only changes its content but also the container. Thus, the selection of vehicle available for test drives constantly changes.

As a local business, Station Service desires to showcase different local brands and entrepreneurs by providing a dedicated pop-up space. Items from local entrepreneurs will also be rotating at the same rhythm as the automotive makes featured at the boutique.

Last but not least, Station Service is also an experiential location that provides several new ways to discover the automotive industry. Amongst these is the possibility of driving a car through our virtual reality station or discover different models in 3d through augmented reality applications.

Sit comfortably and fill up the tank at Station Service by Park Avenue!

The Geniuses


Our product geniuses are trained to provide valuable informations and insights for all makes and models as well as to accompany you during your test drive, answering any questions you may have. It is important to note that the product geniuses are not sales representatives. They are here to guide you towards the vehicle of your dreams !

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    Assistant Manager
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